Affiliate Marketing vs PPC : Benefit of Affiliate Marketing

Posted on Oct 6 2014 - 12:25pm by Ramesh Umapathaiah

There are a lot blog owners and especially new bloggers who choose Pay-per-click marketing system to create income off their blog and they do not consider internet affiliate marketing as an income source simply because they think PAY PER CLICK monetization much easier than affiliate marketing PPC programs like AdSense are quite well-liked by blog owners since it is simple to apply as well as they do not get any kind of additional efforts in order to make money from your own normal running blog.

Search engines Like Google share the revenue of its advertising program with its publishers. But a big part of the program goes into the pockets of Google Adsense and even sometimes publishers do not get the share that they deserve.

benefit of affiliate marketing


If you wish to improve money making from the blog then you need to search for some other monetization choices such as Internet affiliate marketing. Numerous blog owners do not consider internet affiliate marketing great supply of money making simply because they really feel this do not provides earnings more than PAY PER CLICK. But they are wrong. Internet affiliate marketing usually does not work by getting some clicks as in PPC.

This requires some or few tests. It might provide you with outcome simply by displaying banner ad advertisements. To create income through internet affiliate marketing you need to follow internet affiliate marketing methods such as putting banner ad advertisements, composing item evaluation and so on and after that try to get as much benefit of affiliate marketing as you can. So when you will discover that how you can market affiliate marketer items with excellent money making then you will really get to know that is a lot better than PAY PER CLICK advertisements.

Benefit of Affiliate Marketing over PPC Ads

Here obviously I will explain things regarding benefits of utilizing PAY PER CLICK advertisements with Affiliate Marketing. You can use PPC ads too with affiliate ads to increase your income.

Revenue Share

Whenever you market any kind of affiliate item, you exactly know how much you are going to generate as a result sale system. SO if you make an affiliate sale then you will get fix revenue share. While in PPC revenue share is very small and inconsistent too.

Product of your Niche

You can discover items to advertise around from any kind of market. In case your blog relates to health then you can certainly very easily discover numerous items within your market. Find products that are related to your blog topics and niche. It will surely increase the affiliate sales and conversion rates.

Affiliate Networks

To find a service or product to advertise is extremely simple within internet affiliate marketing. There are many well-known affiliate systems which require simply a sign up and then you will discover numerous well-known services or products in just one place. It is must to select quality services or products for affiliate marketing in order to advertise and to get benefit of affiliate marketing. You can join Amazon, ClickBank, HostGator, BlueHost, and lot of other affiliate programs for affiliate money making. There are lots of much more advantages of marketing affiliate services or products. It will surely help you to beat your pay-per-click income. It might take time for you to learn the techniques of Internet affiliate marketing.

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