3 Reasons for Having a Mobile Version of Your Blog

Posted on Oct 6 2014 - 12:22pm by Ramesh Umapathaiah

A week back, I received a mail from a representative of a firm called MobStac. It said that they are an emerging website and provides the blog to mobile transforming service. They said that they had selected my blog for their beta testing and if I am interested, I need to visit their site.

I clicked the link and completed the formalities and guess what. In 5 minutes, I have my mobile version of my own blog. I was really happy as it added professionalism to my blog and then I realized that it is just more than that.

Mobile versions of websites and blogs are gaining popularity these days because of increasing dependence on mobile phones. Cell phones have become an integral part of our lifestyle and nobody wants to wait till he gets to home or cyber café to check particular thing. That is why net addicts are opting for cell phones that have browsing capability.

But as we know, a mobile phone can’t be compared to a laptop. The speed difference will always be there. The blog that you open on your laptop in 20 seconds will take a minute to open on your cell and its quite big time difference in today’s fast moving world. Some browsers have inbuilt feature that they format the page suitable for mobile viewing and fast loading. But that takes the glam out of the blog and screen looks dull.

So, here are 3 reasons why you should go for a mobile version of your blog.

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  1. Professionalism- Whenever some will enter your blog’s address in his cell and see a mobile version instead of main page, the first thing that will come to his mind is that the blog admin is serious about blogging. Having a mobile site is considered to be a one more aspect of professionalism.
  2. Exciting Experience- Having mobile version helps your reader have the same feeling as though he is accessing it on his laptop because the color schemes and images are preserved and it all leads to better readability and enhance readership.
  3. Every one is doing it- Not many will agree with this but let’s confess-

· We started blogging because every one was doing it.

· We started monetizing because everyone was doing it.

· We started providing services through our blog because everyone was doing it.

So, I think that if every serious blogger is having mobile version of his blog, it will be good to have one for your blog and be a part of mobile-blog league. That is a big enough reason.

I think that every blogger should have their blog’s mobile version to be neck to neck with other bloggers and be a part of global blogging community.

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  1. Sharath November 10, 2013 at 11:38 am - Reply

    Considering mobile platform will have most of the readers in the future, it is definitely a good idea to make your site ‘mobile’. Good post and congrats on having a mobile version of your site.

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